The plot thickens! So we were introduced to a couple of new characters today, an NSA agent and him and the Chief of Staff’s mutual friend, a mysterious attractive brunette, both of whom seem to be another step up the chain from Quentin and Duncan. Ellen continues to surprise me with her bravery she seriously missed her calling, she shouldn’t be a surgeon, she should be a secret agent as she once again evaded her captors and went to see Duncan’s wife after he specifically told her to stay away from his family, then when he confronted her in the hospital room she threatened to overdose her with morphine WOW. One thing I wasn’t clear on was Boyd, Morgan’s annoying bf is he dead? I hope so because he’s completely pointless character and finally as is now becoming customary for Hostages it ended on a cliffhanger with the secret service guy seemingly clocking on to the fact that Ellen’s family’s being threatened.