I’ve watched 8 out of the 9 seasons of Dancing on Ice and to be honest I started watching to see celebs falling over, I kept watching cos of Holly Willoughby and I kept watching after she left cos of the sexy female pro skaters, I only missed a season cos I can’t stand Louis Spence. ANYWAYS I still appreciate good skating and for me the best 3 acts are Ray, Sam and Hayley by far but the public put Beth through I dunno why I’m not a fan. So the skate off was between Ray and Sam who’s been in infinity skate offs now probably cos the public have forgotten who he is but I’m a fan though not only is he a good skater but his fiancee Vicky is the hottest pro skater, he’s a lucky so and so cos when he was last on the show he had a relationship with Brianne the second hottest pro skater so anyways I wanted him to beat Ray for those reasons but Ray is incredible as I say they both deserved to be in the final, think Beth’s getting votes for her Olympic achievements rather than her DOI performances. The judges made the obvious decision to save Ray, meaning I have to say bye to Vicky forever but the fact is BETH SHOULD BE OUT, NOT IN THE FINAL. IT’S A DISGRACE.