Now I was working on coursework during the match so this won’t be very in depth. From what I did see was that it was another dull, drab, lifeless England performance but at least it was a win. Now this is without doubt the worst England have been in my time watching football, however I also think this squad has the greatest potential, this is why I think that Roy should take a young squad to Brazil, wipe the slate clean a la Germany in 2010. If we do this then in Russia 2018 with Wilshere, Sturridge, Barkley and Co all hitting their primes we’d have a genuine chance but they need experience this year. Back to today’s game I don’t understand how anyone could consider NOT taking Sturridge to the World Cup, highest scoring Englishman in the Premier League, in top form playing for a top club it’s a no brainer, Lallana should go to Brazil as well I’m a big fan especially ahead of players like Cleverly who’s quite frankly not fit to wear the shirt. As for the Cole v Shaw debate, I’m team Shaw all the way, quality, Cole’s time has passed, Mourinho knows and hopefully Roy realises as well.