Now my soap blogs won’t be very regular simply because I tend to fall quite far behind then have long catch up sessions but I’m up to date with Eastenders, which at the moment is the best of the Big 3 (Eastenders, Emmerdale and Corrie). The Mitchell clan continued their epic face off which has now entered it’s 3rd day yet they’re all wearing the same clothes, on a separate note, Ronnie’s beautiful but she doesn’t look right in that red dress dunno what it is. As Sharon, Ronnie and Rox continued to pierce each other with killer looks, Carol told her children she had the cancer gene straight after the worst soap fight in history between Liam and Terry’s son it was absolutely hilarious over Cindy, obviously monosyllabic pregnant drunks are what teenage boys are into these days and I was extremely grateful to the BBC for giving me respite from Kat and Alfie CAN’T STAND THEM. My only question is WHERE’S AMY cos that child Roxy has brought back from Ibiza is not her, Phil launch an appeal. Also when the hell did Phil become so chilled about everything Ronnie tries to frame him and steal his money and he barely lifts a finger, he’s actually gone soft. Oh another point why is Ian so bothered bout Cindy’s pregnancy they’re not related he didn’t bring her up it’s not his fault weird man.