Without a doubt the best show on TV right now with a stellar cast particularly the incredible Keeley Hawes as Lindsay Denton. Today’s ep started off on a humourous note with perennial womanizer DS Arnott unveiling his latest conquest, the woman detective from the other unit, she was in Dr Who, A Good Man Goes To War, but it quickly got back to it’s scintillating pace. The team started to investigate Lindsay’s claim she was framed by the Chief Constable AND she definitely was by the way, I thought she was innocent form day 1, their affair got confirmed but it’s obvious Hastings isn’t pursuing this with any vigour, the Chief is his pal after all and keeping his dirty secret safe of course on the other hand when interviewing Denton his dismissive tone bordered almost on sarcasm, bastard. Lindsay will put him in his place though. The team discovered Akers was corrupt and the ambushers were tracking her not Lindsay and Jane established a connection between the missing teenager Carly Kirk and the case uncovering two new players an Asian and a man that matches the identifit of the man that killed Call the Midwife woman in the 1st ep problem is they’re both POLICE OFFICERS and finally the climax Lindsay was being transported back to prison after seeing her dying mother by her new prison guards (I kinda miss the “answering only yes or no twins”) when suddenly the van was overturned and Lindsay was being hunted by two men in black helmets, they found Lindsay and what do you it was the two police officers, they reassured Lindsay and asked her to come with them DON’T DO IT LINDSAY. She came and they chucked her in the boot.  If Line of Duty has taught me anything it’s TRUST NO-ONE.