“Everything I write has a precedent in truth”- Ian Fleming. Oh and how many precedents we saw in this marvelous series, I can’t believe it was such a short series, but as a massive Bond fan I loved every second. There are so many attributes Fleming shares with his creation, his cavalier attitude, his non conformity, his brutish attitude to women and Fleming finally got to live out his ultimate dream and work in the field in the last year of the war. His mission was to obtain secret Nazi nuclear documents which he obtained at the expense of a Nazi collaborator whether the tale of his shootouts with the werewolf officers is true or an example Fleming’s incredible ability to tell stories and the latter was strongly hinted, we then saw an emotional farewell to Monday (clearly the basis for Ms Moneypenny) as Fleming handed in his resignation, then was just one matter to resolve would he stop Ann (played by the ridiculously beautiful Lara Pulver) marrying well it was agonizing to watch as they went through a series of near misses, Ann in Fleming’s house, Fleming in Ann’s room both watching the fireworks, Ann seeing  Ian dancing with another woman and it ended with Ian back at home reading the letter Ann had typed him “For the Spy who Loved Me  XXX”. And this was just one of many in-references to Bond one of my fav elements to this show, OK so there was the gadgets at the start particularly the gas pen which the American guy later described as an exploding pen, then there was Ian’s conversation with his older author brother where he told him about his plans for a novel stating that he was gonna merge the names of two of his Eton friends Harry Bond and James Aitken, “Aitken, Harry Aitken” to which his bro quickly put him straight “Call him Bond”, I concur Ian. Then of course there was the final scene where we were informed that Ian and Ann did finally marry 7yrs later in Jamaica and that Fleming wrote Casino Royale on their honeymoon presumably at Goldeneye the final shot was of a book about Jamaican bird life written by Bond. I greatly enjoyed this series, and I’m sad to see it go but Sky Atlantic did a great job.