Final Ep of 37 Days. It begun with Sir Edward and the PM explaining to the King the “misunderstanding” promising Germany French neutrality if Germany fought the Russians. This made the Kaiser furious, and he immediately called Moltke back who unveiled his secret plan for war. Back in the UK, the French ambassador  presented Sir Edward with a copy of Britain’s alliance with France which we believed to be informal and stating that Britain didn’t have an obligation if France went into war with Germany however the secret revision of this document in 1912 signed by Sir Edward himself stated that French ships would protect the Mediterrean, while British ships protected the channel effectively meaning that if France entered a war the channel would be unprotected. Sir Edward brought this revelation to the cabinet supported by both the PM and Churchill who seemed a bit like a warmongerer in this programme. Despite empassioned pleas by the Scottish minister and the working class minister John the cabinet agreed that if there was war between France and Germany, GB would honour its obligation to France, this led to John’s resignation and Lloyd George abstained. Now to Germany’s plan they would fight on two fronts Russia and France, but they would violate Belgium’s sovereignty to get to France (violating sovereignty where have I heard that before) coming up with a cock and bull story bout the French were already there or some crap. Belgium’s neutrality was ensured by an official document signed by Britain, France and Germany so when Britain learned of Germany’s violation led by Motke but supported by the Chancellor despite his misgivings he lost his backbone in front of the Kaiser. This was of course the tipping point of the war, although the Kaiser wanted Britain to be neutral their promise to protect the coast of France even though they probably wouldn’t of followed through on that judging by Lloyd George’s comments, once Belgium’s sovereignty the cabinet voted to issue an ultimatum to the Germans as Lloyd George had suggested leading the resignation of the Scottish minister. The Germans did not respond to the ultimatum and war was declared. The ending was a stupid thing bout the 2 narrators trying to highlight the pointlessness of war which is fair enough but the guy made an incorrect statement, saying Austria and Russia was who the original dispute was between er NO it was between Austria and Serbia, or if anything Germany and Russia but not Austria and Russia and if they were the last to declare war on each other it was probably due to the ineptitude of Franz Josef but anyway it was a brilliant docudrama which has taught me a lot about the causes of WWI which I never actually got taught properly at school. Top notch!