Another good ep of Arrow. This week Oli took Roy under his wing to try to get him to control his Mirakuro strength, at first it didn’t really work as Roy couldn’t really trust Arrow as Arrow wouldn’t tell him anything. Elsewhere in Starling City, Walter was back and had a proposal for Olly’s mum, to become MAYOR v Sebastian Blood (who wasn’t in today’s ep at all) funnily enough. Now ok I know that she was blackmailed by Captain Jack sorry Malcolm Merland and the she was cleared by the court but let’s be honest sometimes when you’re arrested for something there’s a lot of people that’ll have that in minds especially when it’s 500 PEOPLE just saying also do u not have to have some kind of political background to be Mayor, maybe not in the DC Universe Lex Luthor became President after all. And of course my favourite character (I’m being sarcastic ) Laurel was still drinking, probably popping pills and generally feeling sorry for herself, do I feel sympathy for her NO, why cos yes she’s been through a hard time but she has so many people around her that cared for Olly, her dad, her sis in her Black Canary kind of way yet she just throws that help back in their faces, she prosecuted AGAINST Olly’s mum in the trial, a woman who she’s known her whole life, I mean who does that just to impress their boss who sacked her a couple of weeks later and last night her dad again genuinely tried to help her and she was all like “THEY HAVENT BEEN THROUGH WHAT IVE BEEN THROUGH.” NO THEY’VE PROBABLY BEEN THROUGH WORSE, me and her dad said that at the same time. Anyways Olly ended up calling up her sister to sort her out, give her a slap from me Sarah. On a completely unrelated note I think one of the Lance sisters may be adopted, there is NO family resemblance ok we know the dad he’s got black hair, the mum is Alex Kingston she’s got red hair, Laurel has brown hair and Sarah has blond hair, what the hell wake up Arrow casters although obviously Sarah needs to be blond but the other 3????? Anyways back to the plot so this claw guy (dunno if he’s a DC character but similar to Wolverine) was broken out of jail to steal a prototype of the earthquake machine that destroyed the Glades, Oli took Roy to investigate I think he thought it’d be a minor disturbance anyways Roy went all Mirukuro on one of the henchman and claw guy got away. Oli managed to track him down though and sorted him out while Roy dealt with claw guy but the man set off the device and Oli’s arrows couldn’t penetrate the bombproof container so he revealed his identity to Roy to get him to harness his strength to save Thea it worked and Starling was saved, Roy became the latest member of “Team Arrow” as the beautiful Felicity sometimes calls it. Oh of course flashbacks what did we learn this week well it was Olly that put the arrow through Slade’s eye but I kind of knew that already and that was pretty much it.