Right so last week I mentioned the mysterious woman that was the Colonel (the NSA agent) and the Chief of Staff’s best friend well I realised this week that of course she isn’t new she’s the president’s sister in law who’s brother died and the Pres wouldn’t go to his memorial service. So turns out she’s sleeping with the Colonel and is a big part of this plan I’ll share my theory at the end of this blog. So Ellen didn’t od Duncan’s wife but once again didn’t do what he asked her instead sending what she thought was poison to be tested by quite a creepy scientist his smile was weird I DON’T trust him. Last week’s cliffhanger was Hoffman interviewing Ellen’s husband bout his suspicion they were being threatened, he didn’t reveal anything but the Colonel still decided he needed to be dealt with and although Duncan managed to stop the first hit with ingenius lorry placement, Hoffman still ended up dead, killed by the secret service mole (played by Presbo from The Wire) he wasn’t the only fatality either Quentin, the Chief of Staff also ended up dead after agreeing to tell Hoffman everything, poisoned by our friend the President’s sister in law, she’s really evil isn’t she. And finally as if the show wasn’t complicated enough we find out that Duncan’s wife is the President’s daughter of course she is, and if he found out she was alive she’d kill her, of course he would. While Hostages is brilliant it’s beginning to become slightly far-fetched.

Ok so here’s my theory the President’s sister in law has planned this whole thing as revenge for the death of her brother who the President probably had killed because he was a political rival, the Colonel would then rise to become President cos they’re together and everyone else just joined at a later stage, I’m not so sure there’s anyone above the Colonel and the sister in law unless the First Lady’s involved, yes that sounds ridiculous but Hostages kind of is and last week we saw a different side to her “you married for my money, and my connections, to save ur pathetic political career” -scathing stuff but we shall see.