So it was Emily’s wedding and everything was in place: she would spill wine on Victoria, Aiden would lock Victoria in the bathroom removing her alibi  Emily would fire some shots in the air spill her blood on the floor and jump of the boat. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG???? Well as this is Revenge absolutely everything it started well enough with Conrad managing to blackmail Victoria into coming by allowing Oliver Queen from Smallville to return (Patrick), why Patrick is so nice to Victoria after she gave him away I really don’t understand. Then of course there was Charlize Theron lookalike Lydia who found the picture that Emily’s so worried about, despite Emily giving her back the beachhouse, Aiden in an, extremely unconvincing and unmenancing American accent, “threatening” her and reuniting with Conrad again (It’s been like 2 eps and it seems they’ve broken up bout 100 times), Lydia will still deadset on Revenge so as Em’s plan is set in motion who joins Victoria in the bathroom but none other than her favourite “harlot” (her words not mine) Lydia handing over the pic of Emily, Victoria then confronts Emily on balcony just as she was about to drop the blood, where Emily admits to faking the pregnancy and Victoria presents her evidence before being dealt with by Aiden. Few crisis averted, proceed Emily, oh wait Revenge isn’t letting us of that easy cos Daniel’s just gotten of the phone with Sara’s roomy, his true love tried to kill herself and now he’s just overheard his new wife admitting to trapping (he obviously assumes for his dosh) him. OH SNAP!!!!!!!!! This situation is no longer in Em’s favour and what do you Daniel spots BANG BANG Em’s in the water. It’s clear from the aftermath the finger will point at Victoria she has no alibi BUT I’M NOT INTERESTED IN THAT Is Em’s ok did she make a contingency I dare say she did cos u can’t kill Em’s U JUST CAN’T but when her bloody dress washed up on the shore I just wasn’t sure, however I don’t actually think she’s in love with Aiden so I really wouldn’t be surprised if there was one last detail she didn’t tell him about WE SHALL SEE, god how I will miss this show.