Well no acts I liked went out this week unlike last week Kelsey-Beth was beaten (I knew she shouldn’t of chosen Ricky. So one of the best battles of the ep was Sophie May v Cherri they were both Jazz singers and is was a clash of  youth v experience with youth deservedly coming out on top. Jazz is very sexy when they sing it I can understand why Christians didn’t like it in the 20s. Another one of my fav acts Jamie from team Kylie he easily won his battle and goes through. Femi v Iesher from Team Will was probably the best battle of the night, I thought Femi edged it but Will picked Iesher luckily Femi was stolen by Kylie so they’re both through. Georgia from Team Tom is another of my favs but not due to her voice, she just looks amazing but she easily one her battle. And the last of my favourites to get sent through was Jade, she really is the whole package she has it all, the voice, the body, the face, she oozes sex appeal she is just amazing and I think she has amazing chance to win the whole thing definitely my favourite act this series bar none. Ok so here’s an overview of who I like that’s left in the competition.

Team Kylie: Femi, JADE, Jamie, Leo, Jai, Lee

Team Ricky: Christina

Team Tom: Georgina

Team Will: Jermain, Sophie May