I watched the start of this ep 3 times and still didn’t understand what happened but later it became clear. This week’s target was the Alchemist can change DNA allowing criminals to disappear. He evaded the FBI for a while but was eventually brought down by that recurring weakness, a family. He tried to go on the run with his exwife and daughter but it all went wrong, the FBI tracking him down to a petrol station shop where a shootout occured between him and some random, a perfect ad for gun control in the states leading to his daughter being shot then as Lizzie tried to negotiate with him the wife shot him, no idea whether the little girl survived though obviously that wasn’t important to anyone. We didn’t really learn much more bout Lizzie and Red (my theory is that Red killed Lizzie’s biological parents and felt guilty or something along those lines) this ep, except Red is after the Chinese takeaway on Lizzie’s speeddial which I think he was offended by. There was a lot of focus on Lizzie and Tom’s marriage (I think he’s dodgy), with the two having a tiff over Lizzie not going on maternity in the meantime some woman was hiding out in their bathroom rehearsing her line before coming out claiming she’s some substitute teacher, then for the rest of the night, proceeding to flirt audaciously with Tom. WHO THE FRICK IS THIS WOMAN? There’s definitely more to her cos she wouldn’t create an identity just to seduce Tom, there’s an ulterior motive there. Red clearly had other things on his mind this week, firstly finding the woman on the FBI database who looks suspiciously similar to Audrey the male FBI agent’s ex (since when were him and Lizzie so pally anyways he hated her a few eps ago) as well as located the mole which he did and it was the British CIA agent played by Bend it Like Beckham star Parminder Nagra, so bye to her, never did find out why a Brit was working for the CIA.