Wow so yet another Line of Duty Ep that has made me question all my previous theories. So to start with Cole and Prasad the two police officers that kidnapped Lindsay took her to a car park to find out what she’d said to AC12, waterboarding her as part of the process, there it was revealed that it was them who got the guards to burn her in prison, Prasad then killed Cole as he’d become a liability since killing Georgia and I assume he was gonna kill Lindsay but he left her on her own and Lindsay industrious as ever ran into and crushed his legs until he agreed to a death declaration stating that him and his partner were the ambush gunmen and they were ordered to do so by Dryden. Lindsey then sent this to Steve and Kate. By this point they had more than enough to bring Dryden in yet Hastings still went to see him one last time WHY? as if to check is this guy really corrupt, Hastings lives in a fairytale world where any senior officer must be honourable even in that conversation, Dryden tried to bribe him with a promotion. There were yet still more revelations to come out however as the team discovered photos of 15yr old Carly performing a lewd act on Dryden adding another crime to the list but did he kill her???? Dryden was finally arrested and his interrogation by Kate and Steve was absolutely brilliant for most questions he was outraged and seemed to think they were out of order going after someone so high up but then boom as he Carly pics were brought out, his attitude completely changed there was fear in his eyes, he was scared, he tried to go after Hastings trying to suggest they were bribing him, before that he said Lindsay was stalking him but when the pics came out BOOM suddenly it was I’M INNOCENT, THEY’RE SETTING ME UP yeah right mate. The return of another familiar face this week Morton giving Dot a bit of goss about Dryden and also covering himself as my sister reminds he is in fact The Caddy which was revealed at the end of last series. But back to the main plot so I was like it’s Dryden, Dryden, Dryden until the last two scenes, when Arnott reads Denton’s medical records and finds out she had an abortion then the look on her face as she saw Dryden had been arrested. Could it be Denton after all, surely not but it could. OH I DON’T KNOW.