IT’S BACK after an absolute age. Brilliant ep. So Raina kidnapped Agent Coulson to try to find out how he came back to life and it came out that it was Agent Fury’s plan and some weird machine that caused a huge amount of suffering and he never was actually in Tahiti. Skye came into her own this episode she was just amazing basically finding Coulson on her own by buying a Melinda May style jacket which she looked fricking amazing in by the way and just generally acting like a badass to a very scared banker.  Not enough Fitz and Simmons for me though and arresting Raina, not sure that’s a good idea, I don’t think she would of been in that place with no guards or protection unless it was part of the plan I mean May and Skye literally walked in for god’s sake. Also who is this Clairvoyant , he’s been mentioned before but is he in charge of the whole of Centipede or just Raina’s boss. AND MIKE PETERSON IS ALIVE but with severe burns and a lost leg.