I’m ashamed to admit I had never really heard of Tony Benn before his death was announced today but after watching various news reports, tributes etc. I have built a picture of a man who was a great speaker, and more importantly, an opinionated man with a set of views which he believed and would provide an argument to anyone that challenges them. Regardless of whether or not you agree with these views I admire this greatly and here’s where I come to my point, today’s politician unlike Benn or Thatcher have no views, beliefs, their policy is shaped by the newspapers (which of course don’t represent public opinion), Cameron, Miliband and Clegg haven’t spent any time in the real world to see real issues so instead they pander to Murdoch and the bankers. So in that respect I’d like to see figures like Benn come into government and bring it back into shape because it is a shambles.