Firstly I’d like to make a correction, so last week I outlined my favs that are still in the competition however as I was watching today I realised that Jai and Lee from Team Kylie were also good meaning 6 out of 7 of Team Kylie I like but Jade is my fav of my favs she’s incredible. So this week Kylie and Tom had to cut there teams down from 7 to 3 for the live shows. Kylie’s acts were first and her final 3 were Lee, Jamie and Jad……NO it was Rachel, yes Kylie put Rachel through instead of Jade, if it was Femi I could’ve accepted it but Rachel’s performance was horrible. Will seemed to think that Femi picked the wrong song which could be true as I can’t even remember his performance but Jade’s rendition of Blue Moon was beautiful and I’ll be posting her 3 performances later as tribute.

On to Team Tom, I just like the one act on his team, Georgia and frankly that’s just cos she looks amazing and now Jade’s out eye candy is needed for lives. So she chose to sing 3 Little Birds by Bob Marley which is one of the my fav songs, umm yeah she was good, it was very different to the original and she got all 4 coaches to stand, she has incredible stage presence though and she looks great which means she can get away with not having the strongest voice. So Tom’s live show team is Sally (I have the horrible feeling she’ll get votes just cos she’s old), Georgia (dunno whether to make her my new ulitmate fav she has something about her) and Bizzi. Right TOMORROW  it’s Team Will and Team Ricky’s turn COME ON CHRISTINA, JERMAIN AND SOPHIE MAY. Now I’m gonna cry bout Jade.