I’m a massive Fulham fan, and normally an optimistic one at that, I had faith throughout 06-07 relegation battle and I believed throughout the 09-10 Europa League run and frankly after last week’s 3-1 defeat to Cardiff, I’d given up I got very upset and angry and resigned myself to the eventuality that we’d be playing Championship football next season, and I blamed everything pretty much however yesterday something remarkable happened for the first time since January we won a match, earned 3pts, and while we’re far from being world beaters we didn’t look too bad either. I’m very uncertain about Felix Magath, since he’s arrived he’s seemed extremely irrational, for example dropping Holtby for the Chelsea game who is our best player by far, playing Riise on the wing last week, playing a 19 year old striker that couldn’t even get into Southend’s team these decisions and many more have worried me immensely but his record is exceptional and he did pick the right team yesterday with the youngster Woodrow leading the line so maybe, just maybe he can pull off the impossible. So who’s up next oh only a small backwater club in Manchester they wear sky blue I think. All I have to say is Man City v Fulham 2007, we were 2-0 down and relegated at half time, full time we’d won 3-2 and it sparked the greatest of all great escapes and in the year where Steve McQueen won and Oscar we need a sequel PLEASE.