The Americans is back. I always worry about American shows I like cos their networks are so ruthless but obviously The Americans was a success was rightly so. Ok so Elizabeth had been away I assume on a mission and when she returned to the family it was straight back to spy work. The Americans seems so much more relevant now with the ongoing Crimea crisis and Putin potentially sparking a New Cold War but anyway back to the show so we met another “American” couple who did the mission with Elizabeth and Phillip this week before them and THEIR DAUGHTER got murdered. This causes Elizabeth to get really paranoid as Phillip used Henry as part of the brush past. Over at the FBI meanwhile Stan was still having an affair with Nina, his wife isn’t exactly ugly is she, anyways he bought her a film which she really didn’t like giving us a good contrast of women from Communist societies and Capitalist societies as Stan’s wife was bawling her eyes out interesting. And at the end of the ep Stan became Clark and spent the night with his other wife Martha. So Paige has been become increasingly suspicious of her parent’s constant disappearing, becoming obsessed with Elizabeth’s laundry, but this week she opened their bedroom door to check on them and they were there in a um compromising position, no child should ever have to see that I feel for you Paige, but seriously though I have a feeling Paige will find something I wonder how she’d react if she finds out her parents are secret KGB agents, although she has her own secret when she knocked out that guy that was gonna kill her and Henry, I can’t remember if he died or not anyway I’m looking forward to the rest of the series.