Right so time for Will and Ricky to pick their live show teams, the good news is that the 3 acts I like from their teams Jermaine and Sophie May from Team Will and Christina from Team Ricky all made it to live shows with Christina becoming my new favourite act in Jade’s absence (I liked her from the 1st audition, cos I like big female voices but I became smitten with Jade). So Christina sang a Mariah song and Ricky was telling her nonsense bout “it might be too big”, she has a big voice you fool anyway she was amazing, Jermain sang Luther Vandross and it seems he’s improved a lot definitely a contender and Sophie May as Will says she’s from a different time she says her hero is Audrey Hepburn and she looks like Audrey Hepburn, the spit in fact she of course sang an Audrey Hepburn song (I didn’t actually know she sang…eeek), and she was yep you guessed it AMAZING. So Will’s full team was Jermaine, Sophie May and Iesher and Ricky’s full team was Christina, Emily and Chris. Next week it’s the Quarter Final live.