Chilling new ITV series about little known serial killer Malcolm Webster. The actor that plays him is seriously creepy, so The Widower’s 1st victim was his first wife Clare played by the beautiful Sheridan Smith who seems to be in everything I watch (not complaining, just saying) and the ep starts from their wedding day and she telling her friends how romantic he is yada yada, still seriously creepy though. So they’re both nurses and Malcolm likes spending money (not sure what on), so when Clare reads one of credit card bills she rightly goes off on one, to which he responds to by drugging her tea to the point that she believes she has a really bad virus for which he prevents her from getting checked cos their both nurses. When she finally has the courage to get tests done, he decides to finish her off so he drugs her drives out into the woods crashes the car gets out covers it in petrol sets it alight and as the bystanders come to his aide he neglects to tell them his wife is in the car and boom she’s dead. Mission accomplished and everyone falls for his story hook, line and sinker. The moment of the ep had to be when facing camera Malcolm was crying his eyes out and in a split second straight face, seriously scary.  On to wife no 2 again we don’t see how they met straight to the wedding day, where he made the exact same speech as his first wedding, wife no 2 is from NZ, rich but refuses to open a joint account (wise woman) but when they move she’s forced to cos he conveniently forgets his ID and obviously not a tea drinker cos he drugged with water instead, (once it was a seriously weird colour I don’t why she drank that).  So before she found out he had nothing in his account he was gonna push her off a cliff, BUT then came the revelation, she knew why she was ill, she was PREGNANT!!!!!!!!, yes Malcolm spawned a progeny, this put Wife No 2’s death off for 2 years but at the end of the ep the petrol was being chucked on the furniture but WHERE IS THE CHILD???????