This ep was the calm after the storm, of course Em’s is alive however due to her injuries she couldn’t get away, so she’s in a hospital surrounded by the enemy, quite literally as she’s technically a Grayson now, and they don’t even allow Nolan to see her. There’s just one problem though Em’s has amnesia, I, like Em’s boys (Jack, Aiden and Nolan), initially thought this was a ploy or a plan, but no she really did have amnnesia and didn’t remember anything leading to the scariest moment of the ep, when she told Charlotte she gained her strength from her father DAVID CLARK!. Crap Ems now Charlotte’s gonna get suspicious (although she’s not exactly bright). In the meantime there was the investigation into Who Shot Emily (see what I did there) anyone else noticed the Dallas references in Revenge for example the milf version of Charlize Theron (Lydia) staying at SOUTHFORK ranch, but anyways the investigation so first Victoria was prime suspect a I thought, but she and Jack’s gf the French publisher woman, teamed up as it emerged Lydia wasn’t in the photos, I’m pretty sure Daniel wasn’t in them either, however once Daniel had confessed to Victoria and was gonna hand himself in (funny how he always says he’s gonna do the honourable and NEVER DOES), team Grayson kicked in and what do u know the prime suspect became Lydia (I hope she comes back) so much for love eh Conrad although he did disown Daniel at the end but I’m pretty sure he’s done that before as well. In other news Sara was apparently fine, Patrick chose Victoria over Nolan again, seriously why does he love her so much, she gave him up, oh and I’m pretty sure that hot Asian chick (I’ve seen her somewhere before, googled it from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles), posing as Emily’s nurse was trying to kill her even though she’s apparently working with Aiden, I dunno what to make of that kiss either. At the end of the ep thanks to a reminder from Jack and Amanda’s necklace our Em’s was back and she remembered exactly who shot her.