Ok before I go through the plot it is clear now that Max and Weston are gonna get it on I mean seriously what the hell was that whole scene with him half naked and her just standing there watching not saying anything. Ok back to the plot so Ryan’s journalist “friend” was still around (I think if he had some restraint he may actually not get into that much trouble) waiting for her story on Joe Carroll being alive, meanwhile over at the cult Micah, fresh from imprisoning his wife was ready to make his name as a killer on the world stage like Lily Gray (who wasn’t in this ep), yeah one year passes and Joe’s old news somehow I don’t think he’s gonna take that very well, anyway so the plan was Emma, some boy whose name I can’t recall and Lance, whose apparently a nutcase (Yes, cos Micah, Joe and Emma are perfectly sane), to deliver Joe sorry Micah’s message. So they went to the book signing of Carrie Cooke yes Ryan’s “acquaintance” and killed a bunch of people (email’s so last century), then gave Carrie a disc to play on national news (I’m confused is she an investigative journalist or a newsreader), which of course she didn’t tell Ryan about, too busy staring lovingly into eyes, pass the sick bucket (Ryan, seriously you know ur cursed, stop turning hot women into murderers or getting them killed by murderers). Meanwhile Ryan, Max and Weston were making progress at finding the FBI mole, questioning the head of the investigation, who seemed to immediately work out it was her crazy ex who was obessed with Joe Carroll, used to be in FBI and for the last few episodes has been singlehandedly keeping Joe arrived SERIOUSLY U DIDN’T WORK THIS OUT. What’s worse she then doesn’t tell the FBI she goes to confront the woman ALONE, by this point she’s extremely unstable (How did social services let her keep her kids, she looks good blonde thought), and goes into a room ALONE with her, Hmmm what’s gonna happen oh yeah STABBING, it’s now clear that all Joe’s followers carry weapons everywhere they go when Ryan and Weston did finally arrive the crazy lady killed herself ending that line of investigation. Back to the cult, Micah ordered Joe to kill his wife after she “betrayed” him, then of course it was time for Micah’s message to be played wait, that doesn’t sound like Micah, wait Micah I hope you didn’t drink that wine, oh wait you did oh dear, so Joe has a new cult and the world knows he’s alive so only one thing to do now and that’s PRAISE JOE. Now I thought that was a fitting end to the ep but no the writers no better than me and there was one last twist, Weston’s going somewhere, at first I thought he was buying drugs but no he was going to see someone and then there she was, with an awful new brunette hairstyle, YEP CLAIRE, JOE’S WIFE IS ALIVE WTF, WTF, WTF!!!!!! (Seriously I think every character on this show is immortal, remember the tatooed girl in the 1st series, I bet she comes back next week).