As this was the series finale, for the first paragraph I’m just gonna rave bout how good the series was. It was the best British drama since Luther, the best on BBC2 since The Shadow Line (if you haven’t heard of it look it up, brilliant), it was gripping, enthralling, confusing and never boring, truly edge of the seat stuff a thriller, a true thriller. And a special mention goes to Keeley Hawes the actress in the forefront of that picture above, absolutely incredible, she was simply fantastic, I first saw her in an unsuccessful ITV drama called Identity, but in this she was in an absolute league of her own, and I can’t wait till her Dr Who ep, her and Suranne Jones best actresses in Britain (eat your heart out Helen Mirren). Talking of Helen Mirren, Keeley you made need to buy a trophy cabinet cos BAFTA and NTAs are heading your way and if it were up to me, Oscars, Golden Globes and Emmys as well she truly deserves it incredible, the rest of the cast were fantastic as well. I have to admit I wasn’t sure if the show could continue without Gates (played by Lennie James) but it’s gotten better FANTASTIC!

Right the ep well I don’t really know where to start so I think I’ll just try from the beginning so we find out that Carly is in fact alive and that the ambushers were ordered to spare Lindsay from Prasad, the police also find out that in fact Cole wasn’t the Caddy but it was the Caddy (who of course is one of the interviewers) who got Akers involved he was the middle man. Meanwhile Lindsay seemed to be wrapping Arnott round her finger (I was certain she was gonna become the next notch), much to Hastings and Jane’s annoyance ,as they interrogated her about the tracking device which they believed was on her car and she’d moved it, Steve defended Lindsay, they appeared to have gotten very close which Lindsay obviously wanted. Our friend Dryden was only charged with the traffic offense, insufficient evidence on the other charges (Carly obviously not being able to testify).  Now through Lindsay’s flashblacks we began to build a picture of the events leading up to the ambush so she had met Carly in a toilet at that function (when she was stalking Dryden), as Carly and Dryden drove off together, Lindsay followed, Dryden spotted her as Carly was performing acts on him, so she chucked her out the car, a few mins later the Witness and Prasad arrive, and beat up Carly before she runs away. Back in the present Jane’s having a meltdown, she’s sleeping in her car (why have we heard nothing bout this before the finale), and she can’t see her son (??????), as Steve tries to calm her down, she accuses him of sleeping with Lindsay (come on we were all thinking it), to which he informs us that he’s PLAYING Lindsay not even double crossing that’s Triple crossing, but seriously clever. In other news Dot AKA the Caddy was trying once again to cover his tracks enter stage left dodgy Nigel ( was Gates keeping him straight last series cos he wasn’t this bent from what I recall), Dot asked Morton to make up another story for him but this time Nige weren’t buying then we saw a new side to Dot as he tried to choke Nigel, Nigel pushed him dropped his stick and ran faster than Usain Bolt HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BAD LEG, but after that comic relief, Nige found out that it’s Dot who’s the Caddy and they came to an arrangement, meanwhile thanks to another Lindsay flashblack we finally got part of the whole picture. So Lindsay wrote down Tommy’s license plate after she saw the attack, she then looked him up on a colleague’s computer (a rather gormless detective who was briefly a suspect), she then followed it up when she was warned off by Akers, Akers then came to her house to tell her bout the conspiracy to do “something” to Tommy cos of his immunity and all the bad things he’s done “girls, drugs, guns” and whatever u think of Lindsay she does have morals so she was in, and forced to take money from Akers. Akers leaves the flat and whose in the car, our friend the Caddy who says “did she want names” to which Akers replied “no”. Lindsay ended up using the money to put her mum in the hospice (sweet). Fast forward to the ambush, Lindsay turned and it happened (there was a tracker on her car, that’s how they found them), now at this point I was like why did they kill Akers and spare Lindsay but it goes back to the Caddy Akers knew names she knew the Caddy, Lindsay didn’t and she could be a scapegoat and scapegoat she was, Arnott’s plan worked they found the money amongst Lindsay’s mum’s belongings and she was arrested, from AC12’s viewpoint that’s the end of it they only go after coppers, Dot was awarded with a promotion, so the Caddy who I suspect was very influential in the ambush together with Tommy’s criminal associates has even more power for next series and that’s a very chilling prospect. One final point Dryden and Prasad seem to have gotten off, yeah Dryden had nothing to do with the conspiracy but he was prepared to sleep with an underage girl, and probably has in the past, and Prasad was ONE OF THE AMBUSHERS. Anyways bring on Series 3 Please BBC.