Right well I’m back of course. So Eastenders painting Max as the killer today as the Who Killed Lucy? storyline continues (I’ll share my theories later), with Max saying he saw Lucy and Jake together on Good Fri, seems like he’s just covering up the confrontation he and Lucy had, but the fact he’s acting so suspiciously means he’s defo not guilty by Eastenders law. In other news we finally saw the dark side of Tosh which Shirl was so weary of as she knocked Tina into the wall as their relationship was on the brink, as Tosh found out bout the kiss with Sonia, then revealed her family ambitions.

Ok so my theory on Who Killed Lucy which for some reason I keep capitalizing. Right, my no 1 suspect is Cindy Williams, a lot of people know here as Cindy Beale but as she’s not a Beale I’ll use her official name. I’ve suspected her from day one cos her monosyballic personality and general apathy to everything including teen pregnancy makes her capable of pretty much anything, remember when she stole Phil’s 10k. Her motive was simply jealousy of Lucy and her relationship with Ian, Cindy of course not having her biological parents around, I also recently thought of a scenario where Cindy wanted to know bout her mum, and Lucy gave her the gory version causing Cindy to lash out. So evidence, nothing concrete of course, but in the initial interviews with the police she painted a horrible pic of Lucy being a promiscuous drug addict suggesting that Cindy really didn’t like her very much and then there was that covering up alibi thing with Ian which seemed quite suspicious. I also think the fact that she got sent back to Devon is hugely important, as I think it’s a ploy by Eastenders to keep her out of the audience’s heads to the last min, pretty sure I’ve outsmarted them. Suspect no 2 is Aleks Shirov the market inspector, mainly cos he’s really dodge, and a perv, he probs tried it on with Lucy got knocked back and killed her. Evidence, well the blood in his flat, the guilty look on his face when the police took away Jake, and I suspect he has a dark past, and that fricking trenchcoat what’s up with that and finally suspect no 3 Abi Branning, this is quite a recent deduction, after we found out she knew bout Max’s disgusting affair, she just seemed really angry, ie murderer angry, never seen her like that before, and it’d certainly be a shock.