After last weeks WTF ending. We moved away from King’s Landing this week to Castle Black where the ultimate ex-GF revenge was commencing, yes the Wildings had arrived for battle. So giants CHECK, mammoths CHECK, cannibals CHECK, giant anchor that can kill people climbing the wall CHECK, does Jon Snow still know nothing CHECK, did Sam survive CHECK, did Gilly survive CHECK, did Jon Snow’s ex exact her revenge that she’s been going on about the whole series even though she could’ve actually killed him at the end of the last, well NO she didn’t she got killed by some little kid but she was never gonna shoot Jon anyway i mean she was pointing that arrow for a while. So Ygritte has died, kinda sad bout that I mean she’s very hot but one of them was always gonna die (I did think it’d be Jon though just not at Ygritte’s hand) but in terms of the Night’s Watch maybe there’s a chance they could win this battle and no major characters die in the final ep………OH WAIT this is Game of Thrones LOL!