So it seemed like Jack was finally closing in on catching Hannibal AKA the Ripper, perhaps he finally spotted the neon signs and red arrows pointing to him lol. But seriously Will trying to kill Hannibal seemed to make Hannibal genuinely angry and when he mentioned Alana I thought he was gonna kill her but no he had something much more intricate that I didn’t see coming till pretty much when it happened. Jack and Will’s shrink seem to have worked out that everytime there’s a body Hannibal throws a dinner party, and what do you know, there’s a body and Hannibal’s throwing a dinner party. So Jack attends for literally 5 mins taking a whole load of food to test, and by the look on Hannibal’s face as he took it that could of easily have been human meat, unfortunately it wasn’t. Even so I still thought Hannibal’s on his last legs now only a matter of time before he’s caught, then BOOM he floors me, he gets Alana alone after the party, they bonded cos of what Will did, yeah exactly cos asking for a killer to be killed is so bad, isn’t that what the death penalty is, anyways s they sleep together, which I wasn’t expecting then I’m like ok so he’s gonna kill her now but NO he wakes up doesn’t kill her, instead goes to the hospital, kills some guy and kidnaps Gideon (and makes him eat himself WTF), who of course knows he’s the ripper, and then it hits me ALANA IS HIS ALIBI, cos the stupid girl in the morning when Jack comes calling will say in a ridicously hi pitched voice, Hannibal was with me all night, and she’ll probably be wearing Hannibal’s shirt for increased shock factor. Funnily enough that’s EXACTLY how it played out, leaving me to conclude that Hannibal’s a slimy fucking bastard whose gonna keep avoiding capture. Also who the hell was that girl at the end, was it that girl that Jack never found cos I swear that was years ago.