Well this match was a football earthquake, pure and simple. Before the match I reckoned it would be tight similar to the 2010 final, with Spain just edging 1-0. Boy was I wrong, even after the 1st half which 1-1 I thought both teams had played pretty well, Costa looked lively (although not really a fan), and RVP scored the greatest header I have ever seen, I mean that dive would get a 10 at the Olympics, superb but the game was pretty even. Then the 2nd half started and the world changed, RVP, Robben, Danny Blind and Co ripped Spain, from 2008-2012 the greatest international side since Brazil 1970,  to shreds literally it was like men against boys when the Netherlands wanted to hurt Spain they could, it ended 1-5 but in truth it could of been 6, 7, 8 I was just watched in shock and amazement. How did this happen, well there are a number of reasons,  a poor defensive performance by Casillas, Ramos and Pique maybe or the sounding out of Tika Taka maybe, but I for one don’t agree with this 2nd reason, I think Spain should stick with Tika-Taka, that is their system it suits their strengths just as Van Gaal has the Netherlands playing a free flowing attacking brand of football which plays to the strengths of players like Robben. But I think Spain should play pure Tika-Taka, by which I mean with a false 9 like Fabregas or Villa rather than a genuine centre forward like Costa. Spain got pillared for playing this system in Euro 2012, but guess what they won, with the greatest performance I have ever seen in an international final and you know what if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Yes they were demolished by Brazil in the Confed Cup final but I think that was a bad day at the office, but Friday was a lot more serious. Xavi and Iniesta, still the midfield linchpins of Spain, seemed uneasy and reluctant to play the long balls to Costa and I don’t blame them that isn’t there way of doing things and it was telling that Spain’s brightest moment besides the penalty was an inspired 25 yard pass from Iniesta to Silva along the deck,  that’s there style. I hope Spain play a false nine against Chile and Australia, a draw and a 2 gl win over Australia and they could still go far in this tournament, don’t right them off just yet.