Well I’m sure all other England fans would agree with me, that we played really well, but unfortunately the result didn’t quite match the performance. It started well, I was ecstatic that Roy started Sterling, cos I think he’s a class act, but I felt it should’ve been ahead of Wellbeck rather than Lallana. I’m not a Wellbeck fan at all although he did have a few flashes in the first half. I was uneasy about Rooney on the left as well cos although I know Sterling’s played really well in the no 10 role a couple of times for Liverpool, it seemed for the majority of the match Rooney was isolated out there, and as our only world class player he should be a focal point of attacks, I mean the cross for the goal was his only significant contribution. As I think Rooney as no 10, Sterling on the right and Lallana on the left should be the way to go for the Uruguay game. I also think we played a lot better in the 1st half than the 2nd, we played free flowing attacking football which is what we all wanted Sturridge and particularly Sterling looked lively, and everytime Sterling ran at Italy they looked in big trouble. In the second half however it seemed that we’d lost a bit of shape with Wellbeck and Sturridge coming off and we seemed to become overreliant on Sterling who had an incredible game but his performance wasn’t matched by others in the 2nd half, he put several crosses in, but no one was in the box. Now a word on the Italians, we knew exactly how they were gonna play, lots of possession, the ageless Pirlo pulling the strings, yet we were powerless to stop it, all their moves came down our left but we never really solved the problem, but at the end of the day Italy had the better quality than us and they know how to win (let’s not forget they were Euro 2012 finalists), we couldn’t stop Pirlo because we’re not good enough yet, and in Balotelli they have a world class centre forward, whereas our world class centre forward was on the left. I’m certain though if we play how we played against Italy particularly the first half, we’ll beat Uruguay comfortably, Uruguay are weak in defence and midfield, they rely completely on that front 3 of Suarez, Cavani and Forlan, and 2 out of that 3 misfired seriously against Costa Rica, whereas Suarez won’t be 100%, it’s the Costa Rica game I’m worried about because they are a complete unknown.