Before I begin I would like to state that I have been outraged by ISIS’s actions in the Middle East for a number of weeks, the genocide of ethnic minorities is a truly disgraceful, heinous action. My argument in this blog is the sudden focus on the murder of the American journalist James Foley, executed by ISIS on camera and shared around the world. This one killing made ISIS the headline globally despite the fact they have killed thousands over the last few months. My argument is simple why is the killing of an American journalist who chose to go to a warzone and understood that there was a strong chance he’d lose his life trumping the killing of an American teenager who was walking in his own town, in his own country and was shot six times by an American policeman who had sworn to protect and serve American citizens. In my eyes that is far more outrageous than the killing of one man in a warzone, they both had grieving families but at least one of those families knew there son was at risk. The killing of Foley is shocking but not as shocking as ISIS’s murder of Yazidis and Christians that should be front page news and if it has to be a choice between the murder of an individual voluntarily behind enemy lines and the murder of an individual going about the daily business in their own neighbourhood, BREAKING NO LAWS by an officer sworn to protect them, the latter should be story. That’s what I think. I’m sure Megyn Kelly of Fox News would disagree.