So the referendum is fast approaching, and my position has completely u-turned in the last few weeks. As a Englishman my viewpoint was previously one of disinterest if the Scots wanted to go it made no difference to me, more money in the coffers for the rest of the UK that generates the growth in the first place but that has completely been reversed now, the reason being if Scotland leaves the union there will be serious profound changes for the rest of us as well. Most fundamentally there has been talk of a name change we would no longer be a “United Kingdom” or “Britain” and a flag change as the Union flag consists of the flag of St Patrick (Ireland left the union 80 odd years ago), the saltire and the flag of St George and the clocks might even change to 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time, despite the fact Greenwich is in Britain. Then there is the effect it could have on our economy, mainly through the loss of a significant proportion of N Sea Oil, and most scarily the effect it could have on our politics and governance. Regardless of what Scotland votes England needs it’s own parliament with solely English MPs, that is a given it makes no sense to have non-English MPs voting on laws that only effect England when we have no say in Welsh, Scottish or NI law, it is the make up of this (and the new UK) parliament however that frightens me. Take away Scotland, the Tories would have an instant majority, and the new country in general will lean to the right, an extremely scary prospect given the recent rise of UKIP. Then of course there’s Wales and NI, if Scotland vote yes will they stay too or would they too go their separate ways, there’s even an independence movement in Cornwall, our country that already has diminishing international presence and prestige risks fading into insignificance as we lose our constituent parts one by one while our parliament is invaded by the right wing. So please Scotland vote no, for the status quo is better than the alternative on both sides of the border.