Thought I’d promote the above Independent comment piece by Chris Blackhurst. It was written in response to the “revelation” that top jobs in Britain still overwhelmingly go to privately educated Oxbridge grads, No shit Sherlock. Blackhurst makes the argument far better than I ever could but I personally believe the continual existence of private schools are the foundation of the elitist, socially polarized country that Britain continues to be and it’s a shame. I doubt they’ll ever be a government brave enough to scrap private schools as, they are as these statistics reveal, the products of that system from their point of view there’s nothing to fix. It’s a perplex ceiling and us the masses continue to try to bang it down. We should also get rid of the most elitist institution in Britain as well, nope not the House of Lords, the monarchy, you should not be able to become Head of State of a country purely by birthright, it’s time we became a meritocracy and scrapped the aristocracy.