So just watched The Purge. I haven’t really watched many horror movies although I’ve enjoyed the ones I have watched but this one I thought was appalling. The concept seemed interesting a dystopian future where all crime is legal for 12 hours (kinda of similar to the hunger games). But it needed a proper back story why was it that the world supported the brutal killing of people each year to the extent that neighbours would even enjoy killing each other it seemed quite bizarre. My biggest issue with the film however is that I felt there was supposed to be some kind of message and I never manage to receive it or decipher it.  In fact for the majority of the film I was backing the purgers, mainly because the family was extremely annoying, why did the kid let in that man who could’ve killed them all, why didn’t they chuck him out and why didn’t they kill the neighbours at the end. I didn’t agree with any of those decisions (but that’s probably just me), even more annoying was that none of them knew what they actually wanted and seemed to change their morals every 5 minutes, the dad switched from not wanting to kill and wanting to protect the family to “let’s kill them all”, the daughter seemed to only care about the dead boyfriend until she suddenly realised people are trying to kill her family RIGHT AT THE END (I’d also really like to know why she didn’t change out of her uniform when she got home like every other teenager), the son just seemed to do everything in his power to get them killed and the mum aka Cersei from GoT well she just a bit pointless, she did nothing cept break that woman’s nose at the end. All in all not be a great film AT ALL.