It’ll never cease to amaze me how inept and incompetent the Westminster leaders are these days. For months they’ve basically ignored the Scottish referendum whether this was because they didn’t feel it was that important or because they assumed they’d win, i don’t know but I suspect the latter and the people that are campaigning have ran a pretty awful one, instead of highlighting the numerous benefits of the union they have simply reverted to trying to scaremonger the Scottish people.  Worst of all in my eyes Cameron even prevented the Civil Service from making contingency plans in the event of a yes vote, I mean that’s what they’re there for, to prepare for worst case scenarios.  Even better than this complete ignorance of the referendum was the announcement earlier this week that all 3 of the them, yes dishface, he who can’t eat bacon butties and even the one that’s sorry are going to Scotland for a couple of days, how patronising can you get, suddenly after a poll suggests that Yes is ahead Westminster is interested, it’s like they’ve thought “oh crap their actually gonna go, we have to do something”. Yes you do need do something but you needed to do it AGES AGO. By them appearing now it’ll make the Scots more likely to leave not less, I mean one of the main arguments of the Yes campaign is that they need to break away from our elitist, toff, Oxbridge/Eton educated government which they didn’t even vote for, and if my state had an opportunity to break off from them I’d vote yes too. So there appearance in Scotland will simply confirm to Scotland that they don’t want to leave their future in hands of these clowns. So congrats Dave, Ed and Nick you’ve basically rung the final bell for our 300+ year old union, I hope your proud of yourselves.