After the campaigning and the scenarios and the predictions. The referendum has been held and the people of Scotland have voted to stay in the union. This is wonderful news but the country will still be profoundly changed. First let’s look at why the No campaign won a bit more comfortably than everyone expected. I think Gordon Brown’s speech on Wednesday was hugely influential it had passion,  it was positive, it was a real plea to the Scottish people that I feel they made them truly understand the importance of the vote. Brown fought for the UK,  really fought and this is a guy I’ve never seen display any real emotion before it made a big impact on me and im not even Scottish. The other reason for the margin was of course the devo max promise from the Westminster parties which brown outlined in his speech, this is a bit of a underhand tactic from Cameron as he had the choice to put that question on the referendum, he chose to instead to try to belittle the snp and 1.6m scots belittled him. More devolution was always what the scots wanted and now this is what they’ll get. I do feel a bit sorry for salmond he ran a very good campaign (with the exception of the 1st debate) whereas the better together campaign was a shambles from start to finish and frankly Cameron should’ve resigned out of shame for how close it was (politicians don’t feel shame unfortunately). Finally I’d  like to shift the focus back to my nation England and the rest of the UK, Cameron said this morning the people of England would be consulted on whether they believe in English votes on English laws whether this would be in a form of a referendum on an English only parliament he did not say, it isr important also to note the other parties haven’t agreed as of yet.  What I’m sure they’ll all agree is that England needs devolution either thru a parliament, more regional/city powers or fiddling about with the house of commons, the English just like the Scottish, Welsh and northern irish need to have a say in their affairs. The West Lothian question needs an answer.