This episode was all about Gennaro proving he’s the true top dog and not just a puppet of his mother and ciro like he was before the Honduras trip. He did this in many ways first he froze ciro and lady imma out of the loop, although imma was let back in once gennie realised she had his best interests at heart in sending him to Honduras and leaving him to die, hey when you’re the mum of a future Don you’ve got to make tough decisions.  He campaigned to replace a mayor loyal to his father with one loyal to him, and won thanks to some ingenious vote rigging which required just one clean ballot paper and presumably access to a high quality scanner, he even bribed a candidate out of the race by dating his daughter, he dumped her after as agreed but not without telling her dad he “cummed in her mouth”, he really has become a lovely young man, and last but not least he killed an old school bully in front of the whole gang,  I think his authority’s clear. I must admit his new look is very tough, even the mohican and the black leather jacket makes him look slimmer unlike the ridiculous puffer jackets he used to wear. It seems it’s onwards and upwards for Gennaro but I’m sure ciro isn’t gonna take being effectively dropped lightly there was something about the way he left that party.