I was hoping to get back to my lighter tv and film posts after the referendum but I’ve been riled by politics once again.  Ok I really hate how politicians never do anything simply because it’s what they think is best for the country it always because it’s best for them and their party. Take the English question for example when Cameron said last Friday it’s time for English votes for English laws I thought at last, it wasn’t fair for scots, the Welsh and the n irish running their affairs when we (the English) can’t especially when Scotland have been promised even more powers when currently England have none. It seemed like a really good idea but now I realise he only suggested it because an English only parliament would be a tory government and even if labour won the election theoretically they wouldn’t be able pass any laws (unless they strengthened in England, which I don’t think is impossible) so when asked bout Camerons proposals red ed said he’d give regions and cities more powers rather than the country as a whole again as this is a form of English devolution I’d be in favour of this as well but it’s still a policy created for party political reasons, ie. In a regional system labour would still control the north rather than relinquishing power altogether as would supposedly happen under an English parliament. As made clear by the referendum result and subsequent polls the people want constitutional change and more localised government away from Westminster. In my opinion the answer is a more federal UK (like the US or Germany) where whether it be regions or country each level of government has powers that are set in stone and central government only deals with country wide matters such as foreign policy.  But the system must be universal whatever system of government established in England eg. Regions must be established throughout the UK as Scotland is not a region nor is Wales and NI. But it doesn’t matter what i think the politicians need to understand that when it comes to constitutional change you have to put party politics aside and do what’s best for the people, that was what was so refreshing about the referendum it was about Scotland not the Tories, Labour or the SNP. The answer to the English question lies in consensus.