Another excellent round of plotting,  backstabbing and debauchery. So Christopher found out Nicholas is married and didn’t buy the wife’s story that he was just a poor orphan boy before 1997. John Ross was supposed to be getting married but seemed to be doing anything but, he made a deal with Ryland a flash drive in return for dirt on the commissioner, he put Emma in her place before manipulating her again, he got the block lifted on fracking Southfork and he then got photographed in some compromising positions with what turned out to be a underage girl oh and then he got married. Elena was conflicted upon finding out Nicholas was married, I suspect she’ll be even more so seeing as the wife “persuaded” him to give them another go. Bobby upon hearing John Ross once again has the upper hand has enlisted old pal Carlos Del Sol to help him out. And finally it turns out Ryland has placed John Ross’s secretary specifically to implicate him in a underage sex scandal to give them leverage when they ask for Emma back. Phew did I miss anything, say what you like about Dallas but it sure ain’t dull. Didn’t even mention Sue Ellens resumed drinking.