I have no idea what audience Wentworth is targeted at but all I know is I love it. I thought after last series Bea would try to take on frankie to be top dog but it’s become clear that all she’s interested in avenging Debbie. So after failing in her attempt to take out brayden at the start of the ep bea’s released from solitary by ferguson (what has she got planned for bea and doreen and frankie for that matter its really bugging me), bea then proposes an alliance with simmo seeing as there both in the holt’s firing line, in return simmo warned bea that the holts have put a hit out on her. Coincidently or not 3 new inmates arrived 1) a 19 yr old girl who wouldn’t say boo to a goose but also seemed a bit of a flirt with the male guards. 2) a pre/post op (there was quite a hilarious attempt by booner to find out which) transsexual who my money was always on and finally 3) kat a druggie with a broken leg. Bea approached frankie for a weapon to protect herself, she reluctantly gave her a zip gun. Before today I really wasn’t sure why there’s such tension between bea and frankie, probs because frankies gone a bit power mad and sees bea as a threat which is understandable. Anyway so it turned out kat was the hitwomen and in a turn up for the books it was the tranny that saved bea. But in an even bigger shock it turned out frankie had booby trapped the zip gun meaning that bea actually has a genuine reason to take on frankie.