Isn’t this series refreshingly dark and it was about time the romantic undercurrents were by and large removed, as they have been this series.  This week The Doctor was undercover in Clara’s school chasing an alien technology hunter but more intriguing it gave The Doctor an opportunity to meet Danny Pink,  Clara’s beau and he was not impressed he was a soldier after all and we all know The Doctor doesn’t like soldiers, so much so his brain couldn’t process a soldier becoming a maths teacher lol. Danny wasn’t intimidated though in fact he had The Doctor’s card marked in a brilliant exchange where he said “yes I’m a soldier, and The Doctor’s an officer”, and it’s true The Doctor’s always giving the orders and us insignificant humans must obey. Especially the 12th Doctor who is far more “alien” than his predecessors 10 and 11 who wanted to assimilate themselves with the human race. 12 has no such ambitions and I love that. Danny’s jibe about The Doctor being aristocratic was on the money as well he certainly has an elitist vibe about him,  he thinks he’s better than us, to be fair intelligence wise he is. Back to the plot it was Danny that predictably ended up saving the day leading The Doctor to quip it was “a good start” to proving he was good enough for the impossible girl. The last two scenes got me thinking a lot as well first the one between Clara and Danny where he said if The Doctor pushes her too far she has to tell him, something tells me her exit from the Tardis will be something along those lines of The Doctor pushing her too far and the other we saw a bit more of heaven/the promised land/the nethersphere apparently it has a reception. What is that place all about, a very intriguing story arc and like all Who story arcs we’re likely to be left with more questions than answers.

P.S. Did anyone else notice that Clara’s school only appears to have 3 teachers and a head. Two of whom are English teachers. Weird