WTF IS WRONG WITH CIRO? Even in crime dramas the protagonist is usually a likeable character, take Nucky in Boardwalk empire for example,  and gomorrah was no different until today. Ciro crossed the line big time of what I’m willing to accept from my on screen gangsters and I’m royally pissed. Not entirely sure what his overall plan was,  I’m guessing to start a war between Genny and conte and take over in the power vacuum,  but it’s irrelevant, what he did to Manu, Daniels completely innocent girlfriend who couldn’t of been much older than 18, was truly despicable and I’m really pissed. I for one will stand and applaud when karma catches up with him, fucking bastard. He kidnapped her, he tied her up, he beat her with a steel fucking pipe,  then he burned her alive. Fucking monster,  how could you do that to a completely innocent girl. And the way he used Daniel was quite sickening as well,  poor kid. This ep means gomorrah has pretty much no likeable characters Gennys a spoilt rich kid, it’s clear now ciros a monster, the old don was alright except his racism to the Africans,  the other gangsters are nondescript and lady imma well I did like her then she sent genny to South America which I think was extremely cruel. In the absence of likeable characters I’m now watching this to see these abhorrent characters get killed off one by one. In other news Daniel should never of left his girlfriend alone outside a bar like that, Genny should’ve known that ciro was not to be messed with. You know what forget Daniel, Genny and Conte I feel like coming after Ciro myself.