To anyone that lives in South East London, you are probably all to aware of how our segment of the great city of London, is cut off from centre in terms of transport. Whereas the Tube services every other part of the city we have been stuck with National Rail running every 30,20 or 15 minutes leading to ridiculous overcrowding at rush hour and in the last 10 years we have been gifted with the DLR which while good for sightseeing is not an efficient mode of transport and the Overground which NEVER runs. Now if we were in the suburbs I’d expect to only have National Rail services it’s the price you pay for wanting to live the life of luxury but SE London is the inner city and it always has been the inner city so it was simply an unacceptable state of the affairs. Anyway I’ll get to the point TFL are proposing a Bakerloo Line extension from Elephant and Castle terminating at Lewisham, further on to Beckenham Junction or even Hayes, what I need you guys to do is fill out this questionaire so that they get loads of responses and don’t just brush this under the carpet. I suspect they’re only doing this as middle class professionals have been forced to move to the dreaded “south of the river” because of the soaring house prices but regardless of their reasoning we need to make sure it happens. SE London has been ignored for too damn long.