Wow what a gripping finale. After last week I was just well that’s it for Ray, he’s succumbed to his inevitable fate but nope he always comes out on top doesn’t he, the lucky bugger. So he pretty much managed to tie up all the loose ends (or have them tied up for him), so he started off with bailing Terry out of prison, then he sorted out the Cookie Brown situation by paying him 1million dollars…………and shooting him dead when Cookie refused to guarantee Bridge’s safety (he even sorted the witnesses by paying them said million dollars but they weren’t too keen on sharing), there was the FBI director yeah that sex tape got released (the way the receptionist was just watching in the office next to him, I mean that’s still your boss at least mute it or something) and finally Ashley’s weird boyfriend that had been beating her, well Ray chucked him in his car boot and made sure he got arrested for murdering the stalker which he did, and in revenge for Ezra having the journo killed (to save Ray) he told the police about the body buried under the cemetery. See all the loose ends well except one, Mick is still around, and flush now he somehow picked the right horse at the races. Elsewhere Terry has resigned himself to being stuck in LA, poor Bunch told his girlfriend everything and she dumped him, Abi picked Ray over Jim (I think) and Ray sacked Avi for his role in the journalist killing (her name has completely escaped me). One thing I can’t work out though is what the hell is gonna happen in Series 3 because there doesn’t seem to be anything that was unresolved.