They are the party of the motherfuckers, led by motherfucker no 1 up there. I’m going to talk about him, I like most of the public did not watch Cameron’s conference speech live, I saw the highlights package and I unlike the media wasn’t impressed. First of all I think using his dead son to win votes is despicable, call be cynical but it was what he was doing and what’s worse he was lying because HE IS privatising the NHS. On his actual policies because I’ve decided to completely ignore arguments about who talks better, or seems more statesmanlike because at the end of the day, it’s irrelevant the one with the most votes will be PM simple as that, the policies are the most important. So on policies they’ll be more  spending cuts and more austerity but also tax cuts for the middle classes, which Sky got very excited about but lets look at that again, what they’re doing cutting taxes for people that have money and making the poorest less well off, which is one of the most unfair policies I’ve ever heard in my life. In fact the whole thing about the Tories have masterminded  a remarkable recovery is bull as well because as economist Mark Blyth explains brilliantly in this video, austerity simply makes the bottom 40% of the income scale pay for the failure for those at the top of the income scale and therefore is nonsense not common sense as the Tories seem to believe, so the Tory recovery has simply made people at the bottom of society worse off. Although it’s clear by their policy that the Tories are quite happy to engage in “class politics”. A better future well not for ordinary working people eh Dave. Now Red Ed was roundly condemned by the media for failing to mention the deficit and it was a bit stupid of Labour to release that speech so, Cameron responded by saying it was the single biggest issue in our country, NO, no it’s not. Now I’m not saying the deficit isn’t important it is of course the difference between public revenues and public spending which is currently in the red, very important, but it’s not that important to ordinary voters, in fact they didn’t even know what it was before 2010. What they care about is employment, the NHS, education, affordable housing, taxation and this is where myself and the public disagree immigration. So yes it is the economy stupid but not the deficit or cutting the deficit. The deficit is simply a defence for Tory cuts, it is not a key election issue despite what Cameron and the media say. Now on to the Labour conference, I didn’t think Miliband’s speech was that bad he addressed the issues that the voters care about like the NHS, he had a better plan to cut the deficit which doesn’t further punish the worse off in society, although the mansion tax does need a lot of work, I just feel sorry for the guy because he’s the victim of a media witchhunt which I don’t think is there, because the most media friendly politician in history, Mr Blair was one of our worst PMs ever, I would prefer a leader who gets his policies right and runs the country well, because that is their job after all. Having said all that I highly doubt I’ll be voting Labour, as I’m still disillusioned with Westminster politics after Nick Clegg’s betrayal on tuition fees (growing up I was a passionate Lib Dem) and I’ll more than likely protest vote for the Greens again but policy wise a Labour Government will be a far fairer and better society to live in, the Tories seem to be getting more and more elitist everyday.