Bea’s latest scheme became clear this week. She’s gonna manipulate Simmo into turning against the Holts and it seemed to work for the most part. Throughout the ep Bea just kept dripping the poison adding to Simmo’s unease about her daughter working for Brayden and having her holiday to Thailand paid for by the Holts, which to be fair is quite dodgy, Simmo however resisted at first stating her daughter isn’t as dumb as Debbie (who was quite dumb) but then Bea put the icing on the cake by getting that blond corrupt warden to tell Simmo she sae her daughter and Brayden together outside. Genius. The plan might unfurl though as Simmo’s been given her orders in order to get out,  she has to carry out the hit on Bea. However Bea and Simmo played second fiddle this week to poor Booner and the fletch/Jackson business.  I’ll start with Booner, she had a horrible day didn’t she first she found out her precious Daz had left her for her “skinny”  (relatively) sister,  I thought she’d rip her head off but as I found out today she’s a sensitive soul our Boons a loveable giant. After this revelation she sought out Frankie for a girly chat, but Frankie was way too preoccupied with trying to recruit Maxine (I’m sure they were flirting in that library scene). Which Booner (and me) saw as an attempt to replace her as the muscle.  Maxine as evidenced in the basketball match is far stronger than Boons. Boons responded to this by trying to prove herself to Frankie by carrying 2 massive bags of soil, hurting her back in the process. She then ended up going missing and trapped in the boiler or something not really sure how that happened but she ended up being put in the slot, although Frankie realising she’d been neglecting Boons bought her a packet of sweets to make up for it. Ok and finally Fletcher and Jackson well first of all I’m certain it was Ferguson that both slashed Jacksons tires and broke into his house to stir conflict between the two and get Fletcher out and it half worked, conflict was stirred in spectacular fashion,  frankly I think Jackson has conducted himself admirably I probably would’ve killed Fletcher,  I definitely would’ve killed him after he said he banged her in an alleyway. An alleyway seriously, how you gonna tell the man you banged his wife in the alleyway and got off on it, I’d of ripped his F-ing head off. Anyway Will gave him a goos beating although it means it’ll be harder for Ferguson to sack but hey I don’t care at least Will fucked him up. In other news the cute prisoner still makes me feel uneasy she’s up to something and sky seemed even more high than usual. It’s pretty obvious Simmo won’t kill Bea she is the star of the show after all, the question is what is gonna happen and how will they both escape the wrath of the Holts?