A bit of a slow burner this week so Anne found out about John Ross and Emma and chucked Emma out but then let her come back after she wrapped her round her little finger as per. Emma still doesn’t seem to realise John Ross is using her despite the Rylands and Anns warnings. Christophers relationship with the stablehand continued to progress. Now for the juicy stuff Elena and Nicolas don’t seem to be making much progress with clearing Cliff Barnes name but they’ve been ordered by Cliff to recruit Pamela and with her growing jealousy at John Ross’s flirting with the secretary, and frankly the way she’s been turning up to work I think Pamela should have a word, anyway I don’t think she’ll take much convincing to be on board. And on the fracking of Southfork John Ross had thought he’d won but Sue Ellen and Bobby have still got, successfully bugging the governor of texas and catching him discussing the railroad commissioners weird fetishs and hey presto he was forced to appoint a new railroad commissioner and as a 3rd generation oil man BOBBY is definitely pro-oil, let the games begin haha.