Now while Forever was quite enjoyable, it is also without doubt one of the most unoriginal concepts I’ve come across in a long time. So first of all you have an extremely smart English protagonist who makes incredible observations, and can deduce things from these observations aka Sherlock (the BBC one not that crap Elementary), he is immortal like Captain Jack in Dr Who, even the whole assertion that the subway crash was staged to find the immortal one, well just straight lifted from the film Unbreakable isn’t it. Putting aside the lack of originality and it is really hard to do that,  forever is Ok. It’s funny that they kept saying Henry (Ioan Gruffyd) was really creepy cos I could just imagine how the women of America swooned as soon as he opened his mouth,  as did our female protagonist Detective Jo Martinez eventually. So Henry’s smart, charming and dashing which would be why women would like this but me on the other hand, I’m not sure what made me keep watching, I suppose curiosity at why he can’t die. Whether that curiosity will see me through the series time will tell.