Before Series 1 of Peaky Blinders I’ll admit the brummie accent was my least favourite regional accent but it’s grown on me. Anyway series 2 and right at the start we found out that both the detective and the girl survived the train station shootout,  although the detective now needs a cane. Anyway we’re 2 years on now and the Peaky Blinders seem to be well established in the Midlands but Tommy wants to expand to London,  in order to secure a stronghold on the south end of the union canal. In order to do this he’s planned to ally with the Jews in their London gang war against the Italians, why because the Jews run Camden where the canal runs through keep up. This plan isn’t universally popular amongst the shelby clan however, youngest brother John decided to make his argument for maintaining the status quo before Tommy even arrived at the meeting, then his wife, Esme who if I’m not mistaken was in Luther series 2, was permitted to speak by the now arrived Tommy “this is a modern corporation we believe in equal rights” (corker of a line) make an empassioned plea that a London move would be a mistake. One of the main concerns that John, Esme and late aunt Pol had was the bombing of the Shelby pub, but this was “Irish business” and this is where I got a bit confused why is Tommy just agreeing to work with the ira he did fight in France for the king after all, in addition to the fact that the detective plans on recruiting Tommy for some Ireland related operation, it’s all very confusing. But back to the London expansion well it all went quite well didn’t it, they went to a jazz bar had a drink and well then they got asked to leave, they were south of the line apparently. Oh dear well then it all got a bit violent, there was some blood and some fighting then they left message successfully sent. They then received word the next day that the Jews would ally. So that all went swimmingly. In other news two years hasn’t made Ada any less naive and stupid, she chose to stay in London on her own when Tommy told her it’ll be dangerous for shelbys. “I’m not a shelby,  and I’m no longer a Thorne”. Well then you ARE A SHELBY and do you think gangsters are really gonna take your identity issues into consideration before they fuck you up, the girl has an overinflated sense of her own importance,  and the whole communism speech 4 bugattis etc do me a favour you weren’t political in the slightest two years ago. Right anyways back to the expansion so it turned out Esme, John and Aunt Pol were indeed right, sorry Tommy I believed your logic too. Sabini the leader of the Italians wasn’t happy AT ALL,  he did some serious mutilation on Tommys face (I know some fans will be seriously displeased) oh and self righteous Ada got ambushed, sorry if I don’t break out the kleenex.