Wow this ep has had me thinking and pondering for days and days,  without a doubt my favourite episode of the series so far. I really liked the dalek ep too, but I always knew the dalek wasn’t “good” and that the doctors soul was too dark to reform it, I really liked the bank heist ep as well but again I worked out The Doctor was the architect about half way through. This is why I loved this ep I literally had no idea what was going to happen. The dilemma was so simple yet so complex do you take one life of another species to save your own, humanity said yes as would I (harsh I know, but it’s us or them) but 3 women Clara,  that annoying girl Courtney was it? And the astronaut (that’s pops up in EVERYTHING) chose to save the creature and the remarkable thing about it all it was their choice, humanity’s choice, womankind’s voice The Doctor that’s always there to save us and act as our walking, talking conscience, our moral compass I mean let’s face it our species are quite savage and barbaric, we turned the lights off for gods sake pretty cruel, compared to the Time Lords, well the Time Lords before the Time War and the nightmare child and all that. And womankind chose life that is, the moon’s life which was the right decision and was spark for the human races expansion of the universe. While this is marvelous and great the question was The Doctor must have known the future of the human race, 10 went to the great and bountiful human empire several times he must’ve known but he didn’t share his knowledge with Clara, the impossible girl that saved his life over and over, I mean it doesn’t get more disrespectful than that and my oh my was she pissed and rightly so, she gave The Doctor a deserved telling off, for what she’s done for him he’s treated her like shit. She had to draw a line. It had a greater message as well humans aren’t insignificant, without us he wouldn’t be who he is show he should treat us as equals rather than inferiors. Where’d he be without earth dead, yep dead after only 13 lives, no renewed regeneration cycle. Having said all that I still choked up a bit after that “break up” because it means we’re another step closer to Clara’s exit from the tardis and she hasn’t had a long enough run. The episode had so many messages and allegories I literally had a lie down after working it all out. So Moffat was definitely sending a message about women making better decisions than men which on this occasion was definitely true but the one I didn’t work out for a while was the relation to the abortion debate. I mean that essentially is what it was about, they were gonna abort the moon creature or let it be born that was the choice, so does Moffat and The Doctor not believe in abortion then or was it saying every woman has the right to choose. Who knows?  It’s definitely interesting.  Very interesting indeed. Another random point read a review in the independent that said “this is the worst episode of the series” fuck off to Skaro Ellen E Jones.