My my so would Simmo kill Bea well no of course she wouldn’t Bea’s the main character but she did try bless her, she tried to stab her in the yard and she tried to electrocute her but alas dark forces were against Simmo. Firstly there was her conscience she and Bea had a pact and alliance and those are pretty important inside and secondly there was Ferguson who just blocked Simmo at every turn. She even stopped Simmo’s alternate plan of getting Bea’s hitman to kill Vinny Holt. That setback sent Simmo over the edge and she turned to drugs, Frankie had a brand new shipment but more on that later. So yeah Simmo ODed on said drugs got saved and with the help of Fergusons stolen sedatives died after a second OD. I have no doubt Bea will come for Frankie now and she’s certainly losing influence in the prison with both Doreen and the old peer worker upset with her for selling the purple dragon shipment which was dodgy with Frankie and Booner in the slot could we be seeing a coup imminently. I reckon that’s what Fergusons master plan is. Frankie had more immediate problems this week with her supplier wanting “extras” this week with Frankie. Big mistake pal!!! That scene made me wince. Elsewhere in Wentworth I’m still extremely suspicious of that young girl, she’s up to something.