So surely John Ross’s Arctic leases plan is dead in the water now Bobbys railroad commissioner and Nicholas is pretty screwed as well now Bobby’s marked his card. So this episode was about John Ross continual progression into becoming his daddy. It started with a reconciliation between him and his mum as she told him it was over between him and Emma (it’s not) and that he loves Pamela (I doubt that). So everything’s good between them now. Meanwhile Elena and Nicolas’s plan to get Pamela on side wasn’t going very well but then they came up with the idea of 1) finding out if John Ross’s cheating to get Pamela on side and 2) forming a false alliance with John Ross before taking the company from under his nose both sound infallible it’d seem. So plan 1 well on a girls night out where I assume they were comparing notes on John Ross’s technique (he’s had every major female character except Anne, maybe series 4 lol) anyways the conversation came to his pa Candice and how there was a office sweepstake on the decreasing length of her skirt and particularly bitchy comment from Emma regarding her bust, jealousy no doubt at not being so well endowed. Elena noticed Pamelas nervousness about the topic and the light went off in her head a PI was hired (played by Naevia from spartacus ) who proceeded to place a camera in John Ross’s office. Plan 2 meanwhile revolved around a boys night out where presumably they compared notes on Elenas technique (Christopher was otherwise engaged) anyways it was here John Ross came up with his new plan IPO Ewing Global and take a controlling interest. Presumably the money raised would be enough to buy the artic leases or has he just forgotten about that. So Nicholas and John Ross would team up on this and they’d need another vote,  well that’d be Sue Ellen now she’s made up with John Ross again, wouldn’t it ummm well not exactly. Candice under pressure from Ryland to implicate John Ross in the underage sex plot just went for it and put on the dress (and she looked absolutely incredible in it. Such beautiful curves,  Pamela, Emma and Elena you’re right to be jealous she’s just perfect) and tried to seduce him by pulling the dress down and it didn’t work!!!!!!!! I must admit in that one instance John Ross was a better man than me because married or not I would’ve given in as soon as she walked in,  in fact I would’ve given in the club. Alas she had to leave the office (and watching her walk away was a treat as well. Those curves iggy eat your heart out) and what do you know who was just weirdly lurking in the office, sue Ellen and Candice had a parting message for her which sent her over the edge, you look like you need a drink sue Ellen haha. So when the vote came Sue Ellen for the 2nd time in two episodes sided with Bobby against her son and that was the last straw for John Ross he went round and played the wounded son routine saying her drinking was causing him to forget he’s her son yada yada he was convincing I’ll give him that and her drinking has severely hindered her judgement but he’s still manipulator supreme. He ended up bribing a judge and getting her sectioned yes his own mother. I think he may have become worse than JR, JR had a code of honour well he seemed to this is just shocking. The Ewings felt so sorry for him at the end until they realised what he’d done yep he gets her power of attorney aka her vote on the ipo and of course she’d want them to ipo. So John Ross is on top again, oh wait I’m forgetting something plan 1 so he didn’t do anything with Candice in the office but Miss PI caught his latest liason with Emma, to get the file on the judge,  the highlight of which was Emma telling John Ross to “go home and kiss his wife” after she was um serviced, so now Nicholas and Elena have that video their plans are going nicely. John Ross don’t get too cocky now. In other news I really hope we haven’t seen the last of Candice and Christopher and heather are now serious.